Radiance Grain Face Scrub

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What It Does

  • Gentle Face scrub 
  • Removes dead cells and impurities 
  • Exfoliates 
  • Regulates sebum excess in oily skin 
  • Levels out skin fine lines caused by dehydration 
  • Anti-irritant and soothing properties 
  • Encourages cell renewal 
  • Improves the grain of the skin 

Oxygenated and renewed, the skin is left smooth, radiant and regains a velvety texture, leaving an even and clear complexion 

While the small particles from the Cranberries seeds and Argan nuts clear the epidermis of dead cells and impurities, the Argan oil together with the Shea Butter and Beeswax, revitalize, tone and protect the skin against drying (and subsequent loss of elasticity, a cause of the appearance of wrinkles) therefore fighting against premature skin aging.

“Radiance Grain” is formulated from pure, authentic and balanced fruit water: Extrait Originel® of organic Orange. Rich in vitamins, Oligo elements and mineral nutrients, this all pure juice active elements show very close characteristic to those of the water contained within the skin. The original extract of organic Orange (Extrait Originel®) works in perfect harmony with the Green Tea extract, the Rose Water Flower, the Bergamot, Lemongrass and Peppermint essential oils, to purify and soothe effectively the skin while protecting and normalising its microcirculation, thus encouraging the cell renewal process.

Active Ingredients

Organic Argan kernel oil - Extrait Originel® (original extract) of organic Orange - organic Rose Flower water - organic Shea Butter (Beurre de Karité) – Beeswax - Bergamot essential oil - Lemongrass essential oil - Peppermint (Menthe poivrée) essential oil - Green Tea extract - organic powders of Argan and Cranberries seeds. 

100% natural active elements, free of Paraben, Phenoxyethanol and colorants. Cruelty free to Animals. 98.99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin & 41.89% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.


Once a week, apply this gentle face scrub “Radiance Grain” on wet face, neck and cleavage, avoiding the eye-contours. Massage gently with your fingertips applying light circular movements. Rinse well in lukewarm water. Pat dry delicately. The skin is left smooth, fresh and radiant ready to benefit fully from your daily ISSAHRA facial care (Argan Night & Day creams and Argan healing Balm) or follow this treatment by massaging delicately a few drops of our 100% pure organic Argan “Perfect Oil” on the face and neck. Fresh and invigorating scent. *

Size 2.5 oz

What The Ingredients Do

Organic Argan Oil
Very rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E but also in beta carotene and polyphenols. Exceptional anti-aging care, restructures, hydrates and protects.

Organic Orange Extract
Purifies, strengthens and revitalizes, it takes part in cell renewal and acts against cutaneous imperfections.

Organic Rose Water
Treasure of beauty and anti ageing, hydrates, invigorates, firms and heals. Purifying, it clarifies the complexion, regulates sebum excess and softens the skin.

Organic Shea Butter 
Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins E, A, F & B. Regenerates, hydrates, nourishes, heals, protects, firms the skin and also gives it elasticity.

Hydrates, nourishes intensely, protects, firms the skin and makes it supple. Heals, purifies and possesses smoothing properties. Vitamins A, C & E, minerals.

Bergamot Oil 
Purifying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It revives the cell regeneration process and soothes the skin.

Lemongrass Oil 
Purifying, anti-inflammatory, it improves micro-circulation, soothes and tones the skin.

Peppermint Oil
Revives the cell renewal process and micro-circulation. It tones the skin, is anti-inflammatory and also antiseptic.

Green Tea Extract
Powerful anti-oxidant, rich in vitamins E, A, C & B. Possesses astringent and healing properties, soothes the skin and regulates sebum excess.

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